Helpful tools for various sports tabletop and computer games.


February 29, 2012

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Still have much to do and post here ...

Here I will be posting tools I have designed for the various sports games I have played over the years to help in my enjoyment and ease of playing the games.  I have scoresheets, quick reference sheets, logos, import files, etc..  I hope you will find them as useful as I have over the years.

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I play several different sports games in varying capacities and formats.  Replay Sports, APBA, Fast Break College Basketball, Out of the Park Baseball, Second and Ten Football.  Contrary to what some my think and argue 'till the last beer is gone, I do believe you can be a fan of Replay, APBA, and OOTP at the same time.  I use PC Replay when I want to play a current season and BBW for my retro league. 

Replay Sports Games:  I'm a playtester for the PC Replay baseball game.  Have been since the introduction of the game.  Did not play the card and dice game as a kid and looking back, I kind of regret never playing it.  Wish I would have clipped the ad out of that 1983 Street and Smith's yearbook when I did so for the APBA game.  This is an excellent game, both PC and C&D, with top of the line customer support.

APBA Games:  I've been playing their baseball and football games for about 30 years now.  Althou I don't have time for the C&D anymore, I do still run a retro league called the Dos "Memorial" Retro Baseball League using the BBW game.  I've even played the old DOS games including baseball, football, and basketball.  Still have those old games on 3.5 and yes, 5.25 floppies.  Of course, the 5.25 floppies don't work anymore, but I do have them.

Fast Break College Basketball 2010:  Now under the Grey Dog Software group.  This is the best college hoops sim out there if you like the idea of being a NCAA coach and handling most all of the aspects that come along with the job.

Out of the Park Developments:  Just got into this title in 2012.  From what I've seen so far it's an excellent baseball sim from the GM's point of view.  You can control an entire organization, from the Majors all the way down to Rookie League ball.  You can play historical seasons with actual players or create your own fantasy world with fictional players.  Can't wait to really dig my teeth into this one.

Second and Ten Football:  I think this is the best computer football game out there for the money.  I mean you can't beat what you get for that price.  For less than $100 you can have every pro and college season out there.  Great game and similar to Replay, also has top of the line customer support.  Which comes as no surprise because their computer games have the same programmer.

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- Jeffrey Hart